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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clover a virtual terminal?

Virtual Terminal is a portal included with all versions of the First Data Clover Gateway. This site includes a virtual terminal that allows transactions to be manually entered and processed. The virtual terminal is a web-based application that allows an unlimited number of simultaneous users.

What is a clover account?

A Clover account lets you sell, take payments, manage inventory, and grow your business with reporting analytics.

What is a clover API?

Clover API. Clover is a one-tap payment app for mobile purchases. It offers two layers of security by locking the account to a phone number/mobile device and requiring PIN authentication. The user enters payment and shipping information just once, then can make mobile purchases with a click on the Clover icon.

What is Clover browser?

Clover is an extension of the Explorer of Windows Explorer, its increase multi-tab function similar to the Google Chrome browser.

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