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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clover a virtual terminal?

Virtual Terminal is a portal included with all versions of the First Data Clover Gateway. This site includes a virtual terminal that allows transactions to be manually entered and processed. The virtual terminal is a web-based application that allows an unlimited number of simultaneous users.

Is Clover insurance Medicare?

Clover’s insurance falls under Medicare Advantage, a federal program for people 65 and older who have certain disabilities that lets private insurance companies administer their coverage. The government subsidizes the premium and pays for the claims all administered by the private insurance companies.

What is a clover account?

A Clover account lets you sell, take payments, manage inventory, and grow your business with reporting analytics.

What is Clover browser?

Clover is an extension of the Explorer of Windows Explorer, its increase multi-tab function similar to the Google Chrome browser.

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