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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “the bagel shop?

“The Bagel Shop” is the combination of traditional bagels, featuring kettle boiled bagels, signature sandwiches, charbroiled burgers and Italian specialties from Club 86. Breakfast, Lunch + Dinner. Wedding Cakes, Desserts and homemade Baked goods! All available for eating in, taking out or full catering’s!

What is club 86 known for?

Since 1947 Club 86 has served as an elegant setting for gatherings stemming from corporate events to elaborate weddings. The Club provides an atmosphere that can and has been enjoyed by all since its early days as a nightclub, which featured entertainers such as Lionel Hampton, Tony Bennett, Dizzy Gillespie and more.

Can you order bagels online in Geneva?

We were staying in Geneva for 5 nights.... Ordered toasted bagels/cream cheese/avocado online every morning. It was ready to p/up at our specified time. DELICIOUS and we know bagels! The line to order can be long (popular place!) but once you order, your food comes pretty quickly.

What is it like to work at bagels&cakes?

We liked the food so much, we came for lunch one day and dinner another - all in a matter of 5 days. The young gals who work the counter are very sweet and seem to work VERY HARD to accommodate the crowds. We loved Bagels & Cakes and hope folks will patronize them - and give them a break, times are tough in the restaurant business.

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