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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DS club car?

Club Car makes a number of utility, golf and commercial transport vehicles that are familiar to anyone connected to the manufacturing, recreational or industrial markets. The DS Player is a golf cart manufactured by Club Car, and used by both homeowners and golf course operators who need a quick,...

How do you speed up club cart?

Neutralize the governor. As the throttle asks the engine for more and more power, the governor spins faster and faster into the engine to regulate the power, thus controlling the speed. You want to neutralize that process. Stick a tee in the governor hole so that when it starts to spin, it can't go into the engine.

What is a club car precedent?

The Club Car Precedent: The Club Car Precedent is the original golf car line that earned industry accolades and inspired imitation. Engineered with innovative technologies and must-have conveniences, the Precedent sets the new standard by which all golf cars are measured. The Precedent offers quick acceleration and smooth handling...

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