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Frequently Asked Questions

What year is this Club Car serial number?

The serial number on your Club Car can help you determine the model year. The serial number of each vehicle is printed on a bar code decal mounted either below the passenger side cup holder or above the accelerator or brake pedal (Example: PH0901-123456 , as shown, or F9901123456) .

Where is the serial number on a club car precedent?

Step 1: Locate the serial number on your Club Car golf cart: The serial number is located in one of three locations: Inside or under the passenger side glove box – Precedent (2004 & up) Under the passenger side glove box – DS (1981 & up) Under the driver side seat on the frame – Pre-DS (1975-1980)

Where is the serial number on a car?

The serial number is 17 characters long and includes both letters and numbers. If your car was manufactured before 1969 and the serial number is not on the dashboard, it is probably located on the front engine block, the front end of the frame, the trunk, the driver door jam or the back wheel well.

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