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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find career information for clubcareers?

CMAA is pleased to offer career resources through the ClubCareers website. The site has a wealth of career information and services for members, non-members, search firms and clubs looking for professional management personnel.

What does the people team at ClubCorp do?

The People Team’s primary focus is on continually enhancing the Employee experience. By providing leadership development and opportunities from within, our team can see a long-term future with ClubCorp in many areas of our business. When Employees are engaged and happy, their positive attitudes influence the experience we provide to our Members.

Why do people want to work at a club?

City Clubs provide a spot in many of the nation’s influential business districts where executives can enjoy a casual place to work or unwind. Stadium Clubs provide a space where Members can celebrate a sports team or university while offering spaces for dining, meetings, civic, social and educational events.

What kind of career opportunities do I have?

Legendary Services. Extraordinary Career Opportunities. I love helping people. If it's an employee or the members, I enjoy making a difference for people. I love figuring out the problems, the issues, and have members leave with a smile.

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