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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about club4fitness?

Club4Fitness is a place for everybody, with equipment and amenities for every BODY. We have everything you need to live life well, and if you aren’t sure what you need, we’ll help you find it. The nationally-certified trainers at Club4Fitness offer a range of programs that help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

How many club4 everybody locations are there?

We’ve Got A Membership Level For Everyone. We have 21 locations across Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee. Signing up is simple, and we have multiple membership plans so you can get healthy your way. To start you on your way, you’ll get 1 complimentary 30 minute fitness assessment with a certified personal trainer.

What to do at Knoxville club 4 fitness?

Specific studios have been designed for high-intensity classes, Body Pump, indoor cycling, and mind/body programs. Relax before or after a workout in these specialized massage chairs, which provide a full-body dry massage using moving water jets under the waterproof upholstery. Get a total body experience with our Ergoline technology.

Where can I get a club4fitness body pump?

Club4Fitness partners with Les Mills to bring you the best scientifically-designed workout classes around, including the wildly popular Body Pump workout. After getting the muscle tone you want from Les Mills, you can also get your desired skin tone with top-of-the-line tanning machines from Ergoline.

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