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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the club fitness a good place to go?

"Club Fitness is my second home, and it is always a positive vibe there. I rarely have to wait for equipment, and the staff is nice and friendly." #LiftLocal & Join the Club Today! We are the gym that makes fitness totally accessible to every BODY.

Is there a changing room at club fitness?

So lets talk about Club Fitness branding for a moment. You walk in and greeted by a very frendly staff and alway smiling. It is an express so I get there are no locker rooms and have so called "changing rooms". The one is larger and has a bench which is great esp if you have dress slacks and dress shirt to sit and change.

How do I cancel my club fitness membership?

To cancel your membership you need to write a letter to Club Fitness. This letter should include your name, address, your desire to cancel and the reason you wish to cancel.

Is there no circulation in a club gym?

There is no circulation. Turning on the fans is a constant battle. The temp in the gym, on most days, is higher than most people keep thier homes. I know it has been a bad winter but it is a gym, not someones living room.

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