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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the club fitness a good place to go?

"Club Fitness is my second home, and it is always a positive vibe there. I rarely have to wait for equipment, and the staff is nice and friendly." #LiftLocal & Join the Club Today! We are the gym that makes fitness totally accessible to every BODY.

Is there a fitness center in St.Louis?

We want to be the premier health and fitness center in every community we serve. We have the most area locations across the St. Louis area featuring state-of-the-art equipment, premium fitness studios, the most popular group exercise classes, and more! That means more fitness for every BODY in St. Louis!

Where is Hampton Club Fitness in St Louis?

Club Fitness Hampton, MO, is located in Hampton Village Shopping Center in St. Louis and offers a variety of free group exercise classes for every fitness level, including Zumba, Yoga, Les Mills Programming, and more. View our class schedule!

Are there any fitness classes for every body?

From BodyPump and Zumba to yoga and cycling, we have instructor-led group exercise classes for every BODY. Regardless of your experience level, our instructors will lead you through a workout that is right for YOU!

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