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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Clwb Ifor Bach club in Cardiff?

Clwb Ifor Bach is used as a social centre by Welsh speaking people in Cardiff, as well as by many non-Welsh speakers. Until recent years, the club had a number of regular members only nights. This policy has been discontinued.

Who is the chair of Clwb Ifor Bach?

Clwb Ifor Bach has existed since 1983 and was founded by Cymdeithas Clwb Cymraeg Caerdydd, a society formed with the purpose of establishing a Welsh language social club. The new venue was created inside a former British Legion club on Womanby Street. The chair was Welsh politician Owen John Thomas.

Where is little Ivor's club in Cardiff Wales?

Clwb Ifor Bach (Welsh pronunciation: [ˈklʊb ˈivɔr ˈbaːχ], meaning Little Ivor's Club) is a Cardiff nightclub, music venue, Welsh-language club and community centre.

Who is the Digital Marketing Officer for Clwb Ifor Bach?

Clwb Ifor Bach are looking for a Digital Marketing Officer to join the team! We’re launching a series of t-shirts by Welsh designers and artists that we love. We launch with our first design by Patrick Cullum. We caught up with him to talk design, the creative process and more!

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