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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Club Med Kani in Maldives?

From a distance, Club Med Kani Resort emerges like a garden island, bathed in turquoise waters. This little paradise in the Maldives archipelago, exclusively reserved from Club Med resort guests, is dotted with 75 suites on stilts which, viewed from above, resemble a giant palm tree growing out across the lagoon.

What do you see at Club Med Kani?

Experience up-close encounters with vibrant marine life at Club Med Kani. The sparkling waters of the Maldives are home to a seemingly endless variety of colourful fish as well as turtles, sharks, manta rays, and myriad coral. Dive deep to explore the mysteries of life below and uncover ways to preserve our natural wonders.

Which is the best all inclusive resort in Maldives?

Discover new ways to play and unwind together at Club Med Kani all-inclusive resort where a 2-kilometre stretch of private beaches, encounters with marine life, and exciting water sports welcome families to revel in infinite possibilities and pursue every passion.

Which is the best diving centre in Kani?

To take your underwater discoveries even further, Club Med Kani offers diving activities from our brand-new diving centre. This modern, state-of-the-art facility will introduce you to our underwater world. Here, you will learn more about marine life in the safest environment with certified, highly-trained instructors.

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