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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Club Med?

Hygiene & Safety measures implemented in our Club Med resorts, including free Antigen testing. Emergency Assistance Program: coverage for emergency medical expenses during your stay. § An average of 50 acres playground (38 football fields!) We use cookies on our website to ensure you have the best experience.

Which is the best all inclusive resort for Club Med?

For an all-inclusive stay with a focus on sports, Sandpiper Bay is the ideal Club Med Resort for an active family vacation.

Who is eligible for Europ Assistance from Club Med?

Any enrollment in Club Med®, or through the intermediary of a travel agent, makes the G.M® eligible for EUROP ASSISTANCE services, which cover assistance for persons. Applicable only to US members (G.Ms®) who are US residents and have booked and paid for their trip in the US.

Where is Club Med Sandpiper Bay in Florida?

Located along the St. Lucie River, amid wonderfully lush vegetation, Club Med Sandpiper Bay enjoys a delightfully tropical climate, a Sports Academy with top-ranked coaches, and an adult-exclusive infinity pool with a dedicated bar.

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