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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about club OS basics?

Club OS Basics is a nine-part video tutorial series covering important system features and workflows. It's designed as a resource to train or retrain club staff on the software. This series was built for ABC integrated clubs and contains some information not relevant to Club OS users with alternative integrations.

What are the support hours for club OS?

Our support hours are 8am-5pm CST Monday-Friday. (888) 619-0609. [email protected]

How does club OS work for Retro Fitness?

"The ability to track a customer [with Club OS] from when they enter as a lead through their entire member lifecycle allows us to provide them with a more enriched experience at Retro Fitness." “The biggest increase has been in follow-ups. We are now seeing 75,000-100,000 contacts per month.

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