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Frequently Asked Questions

How does club Osh work at outdoor supply?

Whenever you make a purchase at Outdoor Supply Hardware, you accrue Club OSH points as well as lots of other benefits! With our online Club OSH dashboard, you can view your purchase history, detailed receipts, track points and get updates when you’re close to your next Club OSH Coupon! Welcome to Club OSH!

How do I sign up for club Osh?

You can sign up in store or online—it’s free! Simply provide your name, phone number & email address. After signing up, check your email or texts for a link to activate your new account. Shortly thereafter, you can log into your online account Dashboard. Please note: Landline telephone numbers can be used, but will not receive text messages.

Who are the members of the oshclub team?

OSHClub provides lots of fun activities for children to enjoy, as well as free play. OSHClub kids also enjoy a variety of tasty and nutritious food, before and after school. The OSHClub team – Denise, Naomi, Marni and Christina – are all fantastic!

When did oshclub start providing outside school hours care?

OSHClub has been providing high-quality Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services for school communities since 2008. In 2016, OSHClub partnered with Helping Hands Network, creating Junior Adventures Group, a partnership of Australia’s leading providers of OSHC.

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