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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CPPs mean in Club Penguin?

in: CPPS. A Club Penguin Private Server (commonly abbreviated and known as a CPPS) is an online multiplayer game that is not part of Club Penguin, but it uses .swf files from Club Penguin, a database, and a server emulator in order to create an environment similar to Club Penguin.

When did Club Penguin come out?

Club Penguin was an online-based, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (abbreviated as a MMORPG) created by Disney Canada Inc. (previously New Horizons Interactive) in the summer of 2005. It had a public Beta Testing in August 2005, and was officially launched on October 24, 2005.

What does CPPs stand for?

A Club Penguin Private Server (commonly abbreviated and known as a CPPS) is an unofficial emulated version of Club Penguin, which are made by fans, and are not endorsed by Disney. These servers often re-use and re-mix Club Penguin 's .swf files and databases to replicate Club Penguin content, or create original alternations.

How many pins are there in Club Penguin?

A player could have all pins if they joined on or before March 30, 2006, was a member at the Medieval Party 2012 and the Make Your Mark: Ultimate Jam, and had both Mysterious Pin codes. A total of 395 pins were released. Counting the unreleased Pop Star Pin, Rock Star Pin, Dance Pin and Dubstep DJ Pin, there were 399 pins in Club Penguin.

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