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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the soda seas in Club Penguin?

The Soda Seas was an ocean to the southwest of the Club Penguin Island, only accessible via the Aqua Grabber by members. It was the second of the two Aqua Grabber levels β€” the first being Clam Waters. It was an area polluted by many barrels of Cream Soda that fell in, making the water purple and the sea anemones unhealthy.

Where to find soda seas in aqua grabber?

This is how to find the rare treasure on level 2 (Soda Seas) of Aqua Grabber (located at the ice berg). Okay first, you have to get the two barrels of cream soda: one is at the ocean floor, and one you will find if you just go straight down (use your arrow keys to move). Bring them to the net.

Where do you get Fluffies in soda seas?

Fluffies would provide a larger sum of coins than the worm, yielding 200 coins. Alternatively, the player could go to the south-east of the sea and try to catch the Mullet with Fluffy. However, the Fluffy would try to swim in the opposite direction of the Aqua Grabber and ram the machine against the rocks.

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