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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Club Penguin shutting down?

Club Penguin is shutting down and everyone is sad. The shut down marks the end of an era for the original Club Penguin, which launched in 2005. It was a social massively multiplayer online game aimed at kids, allowing them to explore a snow-covered virtual world as penguins. The game operated independently until 2007, when it was acquired by Disney.

What happened to Club Penguin?

Club Penguin was a massively multiplayer online game that allowed users to play penguin characters who could access various games, chat with each other, or adopt pets. Club Penguin was shut down because interest in the game continuously declined, which likely led to a significant decrease in revenue. What Was Club Penguin?

Where is Club Penguin Island?

Thought to be located in Antarctica, Club Penguin Island is the place where the whole game of Club Penguin currently takes place. Penguins are the main species of this island, along with Puffles as second.

Who is the creator of Club Penguin?

— Club Penguin. Club Penguin was an online-based, massively multiplayer role-playing game created by Disney Canada Inc. (formerly New Horizons Interactive). It was founded by Lance Priebe and co-founded by Lane Merrifield and Dave Krysko in August of 2005.

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