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Frequently Asked Questions

Where was Club Penguin Island supposed to be?

Club Penguin Island was probably placed somewhere near Antarctica. Some people claim it to be Penguin Island (just off King George's Island). Rockhopper Island is rumored to be Christmas Island, off the coast of Western Australia.

Is the Club Penguin Island app for free?

The Club Penguin Island App is free to play. Children should always seek their parent or guardian's permission to download and play. All gameplay requires registration to create a Disney account, or sign in using an existing one. Club Penguin Island offers daily membership and recurring monthly membership subscriptions that cost real money.

How to download Club Penguin Island after the shutdown?

In the URL, you can install version 1.13 (latest version) and follow the steps that apply. At the moment of homescreen, will request for a User and Password, ONLY it is necessary to put any name and any password , the game will not verify and will start the game without problems (creating a new local account).

Do you have to pay for Club Penguin membership?

If you purchase a membership with the option of a free 7-day trial, your Google Play account will be charged when the trial is complete. You may cancel your subscription any time during this 7-day free trial to avoid being charged.

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