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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Club Penguin magazine cost?

The Club Penguin Magazine was a magazine available in several countries, containing content about Club Penguin and other information. The popularity of the magazine was determined on how many codes were redeemed online. The magazine consisted between £2.99 and £3.99 (depending on the issue) in the UK, and R$ 10,00 (~5,00 USD) in Brazil.

When did the first Club Penguin come out?

Club Penguin launched in 2005 and became a successor to Neopets and Habbo Hotel for a new generation growing up entirely online. But while Neopets, The Sims and Animal Crossing centered on completing ( capitalist) tasks, Club Penguin was a social-first alternate reality for tweens too young for Facebook, Myspace or Tumblr.

Do you get free updates on Club Penguin Rewritten?

We offer weekly updates, free membership, and everything Club Penguin! If you're looking for fun, friends and minigames then look no further than Club Penguin Rewritten. Hi Penguins, I'm excited for the Summer fun plans we have for you all to experience, are you?

Is there a virtual world for Club Penguin?

Welcome to Club Penguin Rewritten, a free to play virtual world based on Disney's Club Penguin. We offer weekly updates, free membership, and everything Club Penguin!

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