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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the secret missions in Club Penguin?

PSA Secret Missions were point and click-like games that Secret Agents could play to earn medals, gifts, as well as experience in helping other penguins. They could be accessed in the HQ by clicking on the Mission Console in the lower right-hand corner. There were eleven secret missions. The Secret Mission's codename was "adventure".

How to find the missing Puffles in Club Penguin?

1. Talk to Aunt Arctic, who will tell you about her missing purple and green puffles. 2. Use the map or Spyphone to move to the Ice Rink . 3. At the Ice Rink, scroll to the right, pick up the photos on the ice and put them in your inventory.

What do you get at the end of Club Penguin?

The player then collects these three items around Club Penguin. At the end, players find that the White Fur belongs to a Polar Bear (who has a crab with him). At the end of the mission, penguins get a medal with a Magnifying Glass and fur on it. The player can also obtain a pizza.

Who is the reporter for the Club Penguin times?

Aunt Arctic, famous reporter for the Club Penguin Times, is very upset, because two of her pet puffles are missing! Will you take the challenge of rescuing them?

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