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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the secret mission in Club Penguin?

Club Penguin Mission 2 – “G’s Secret Mission” Walkthrough! Click on Gary (blue penguin). Tell him that you want to receive your mission. Click on the sled and add it into your inventory. Go to the Ski Mountain. Click on the rope and add it into your inventory. Click on the Survival Guide and add it into your inventory.

How do you get the Red penguin in the ice rink?

If the player clicked the red circle with a dot next to the puffle pictures at the Ice Rink, a saw will cut the circle and a red penguin will appear saying "peek-a-boo!". This is one of only two PSA Missions that do not involve Herbert or Klutzy in some way. The answer to Gary's question could range from 21 to 98 inclusive.

How do you save the Penguins in Antarctica?

Fire at the penguins using your mouse (take into account wind direction and velocity). Once all penguins are saved, talk to the one wearing green. He will say he saw two puffles; and that he could not see them properly due to not being "high up".

How do you get all the socks Gary has?

To answer his question, go to the Pet Shop. Scroll to the left and click the note hidden behind a kennel. Use the code to decrypt the message. If done right, it should give you the total amount of socks Gary has.

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