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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the crab go in Club Penguin mission 6?

While G is trying to find out what the Crab that was captured in the previous mission knows – the crab runs away, and the player needs to chase the crab. The crab reaches to The Wilderness after jumping off the Ski Hill, and leads the player to a cave.

What happens when Herbert and klutzy leave Club Penguin?

After Herbert and Klutzy leave the player, a Black Puffle helps the player to escape from his trap, and the player returns from The Wilderness, and prevents from Herbert and Klutzy to destroy the Ski Lodge . Talk to G – the Crab Translator 3000 will explode and the crab escapes.

Where do you find the Black Puffle in Club Penguin?

Go back to the cave and put an O' berry in front of the door. The puffle will unlock the door for you. Go into the cave. A big cage will fall on you, leaving you trapped. Herbert and Klutzy will start talking to you while the black puffle is hiding behind a rock. Klutzy will take your Spy Phone and Herbert will tell you how he came to Club Penguin.

How did polar bear get to Club Penguin Island?

The polar bear tells the player his backstory on how he got to Club Penguin Island, and how he met the crab, named Klutzy. He also mentions that he hates the penguins, and is planning to destroy the Ski Lodge to build a bonfire for his warmth.

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