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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any catalogs in Club Penguin Rewritten?

Club Penguin Rewritten is filled with catalogs, from the Penguin Style to the Better Igloos catalog, there’s plenty of furniture, records, items and more which you can purchase! Many of these catalogs contain hidden items, also known as secrets, which unlock new things!

What are the secrets of Club Penguin Mountains?

Page two contains the Lamp, Folding Chair, Footlight Stage, Dance Mat, Pink Lamp and Large Aquarium. Page three contains a further four secrets, which are the Drum Kit, Lounging Deck Chair, Inflatable Chair, and Inflatable Sofa.

What do you wear in Club Penguin Mountains?

Page one contains five items: the Saturated Sombrero, Saturated Poncho, Pair or Maracas, Orange Flower Bikini and Blue Quilted Vest. Page two contains the Icy Eyelashes, the Twilight Lei, the Music Jam T-Shirt, the Fishing Vest, the Starlet Eyes and the Starshine Makeup.

What is on page four of Club Penguin?

Page four contains the Vine Swing, Sound Station, Stage Curtain, Yellow CP Banner and Basketball Hoop. Page five contains the Wood Bench, Watering Can, and Tennis Court.

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