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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign in to Club Pogo?

Now I can't sign in--all I get is, not Club Pogo. I can't even find my account. I even tried re-registering and, since no account exists, I paid $39.99 thru. Paypal. Even that didn't work.

Who is the owner of the Pogo account?

Check out the new sign in page and see how to find your account info. Pogo is owned by EA, and EA Network Accounts let you access all of EA’s sites, games, and services.

How to play Premium Pogo games online for all ages?

Then join the thriving Club Pogo™ community for ad-free gameplay, members-only games, and an ever-expanding library of Challenges with collectible Badge rewards. Additionally, chat and play with Pogo™ members, receive discounts on in-game purchases, and get a better view with full-screen mode.

How can I connect my Pogo account to my EA account?

Follow the steps to connect your Pogo account to your EA Account. You’ll get an error if your computer tries to log you in with your old Pogo password. Make sure you delete the old password from your browser’s history. At the bottom of the page is our logo and message that Pogo is part of the EA Network.

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