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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be club Wyndham owner?

Club Wyndham Access is an ownership type which provides you with the flexibility to make advance reservations at a variety of Club Wyndham Access resorts. As a Club Wyndham Access owner, you receive an ownership certificate for the amount of Club Wyndham Access points purchased.

What can I do with my club Wyndham points?

You’ll be on your way to a great vacation in no time. Wyndham Rewards is a leading loyalty program that allows owners to convert their points to use on hotel stays, airline tickets, and so much more. With Club Wyndham and RCI, owners can live their bucket list around the world, and vacation in Europe, Australia, the South Pacific, Asia, and Africa.

When to use complimentary housekeeping at club Wyndham?

Alternatively you can call Owner Services to make the eligible booking using complimentary housekeeping. Please note that Privileges complimentary housekeeping will only be awarded for an eligible stay once you have exhausted your annual Club housekeeping entitlement.

How many club Wyndham Resorts are there in the world?

Club Wyndham offers more than 220 amazing resorts in the world’s most popular vacation destinations. Start living your bucket list today. With 220+ resorts, Club Wyndham destinations span from the Atlantic Coast to the Gold Coast — so there’s a new vacation adventure around every corner.

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