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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the clubhouse app open to the public?

The app is available on Android and iOS. Clubhouse captured the attention of Silicon Valley and beyond when it launched in last year. Now the audio-based social network is opening its virtual doors to everyone. On Wednesday, Clubhouse said that its app is now out of beta and that people no longer need an invite to join.

What is clubhouse and how does it work?

What is Clubhouse and how does it work? Clubhouse is all about voice and the spoken word rather than text-based conversations you’d find on other social networks. In the app you can host your own conversations, listen to others, or in some cases join in with existing conversations going on in the community.

When did clubhouse go live on Google Play?

According to new data SensorTower provided to TechCrunch, Clubhouse hit its high point in February at 9.6 million global downloads, up from 2.4 million the month prior. After that, things settled down a bit before perking back up in May when Clubhouse went live on Android through the Google Play Store.

Can you get an invite to clubhouse on Facebook?

The second hurdle is that you can’t just register, as you would Facebook or Twitter, because Clubhouse is currently invite-only. That’s right, the latest hit app is also quite exclusive. Only existing users can invite new members, and even then they only have two invites to hand out.

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