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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was the founder of the clubhouse app?

Paul Davison, then 32, had released the app six weeks earlier with a proposition that was scary yet intriguing. It tracked users’ whereabouts to show them profiles of people nearby with similar interests or shared connections. For that week in Austin, Texas, everyone wanted to try it.

What did Paul Davison do with the clubhouse app?

Clubhouse has been used to spread misinformation about Covid-19, racism and misogyny. The live and ephemeral nature of the app make policing such content difficult. A Clubhouse spokeswoman declined to make Davison available for an interview.

Who are the celebrities on the clubhouse app?

For the unversed, Clubhouse app is a highly-exclusive members-only social media app that is currently only available to those who are invited and as of now, most of them are celebrities. One simply can’t download it from the app store. According to multiple reports, celebs such as Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, Drake and Jared Letoa are on the app.

What are the main features of the clubhouse app?

The app has also seen interest in partnerships, with the National Football League announcing a content deal that same month. The main feature of Clubhouse is virtual “rooms” in which users can communicate with each other via audio. Rooms are categorized based on differing levels of privacy.

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