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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of app is the clubhouse app?

Clubhouse is an invitation-only social media app for iOS and Android where users can communicate in voice chat rooms that accommodate groups of up to 5,000 people. The audio-only app hosts live discussions, with opportunities to participate through speaking and listening.

How many rooms can you have in a clubhouse?

Only active users who have hosted at least three rooms are eligible to create a club, and because Clubhouse manually approves applications for new clubs, each user can only create one club. Clubs can be private or open to the public and consist of founders, members and followers.

What happens to the audio in the clubhouse?

Clubhouse records audio in the virtual rooms for the purpose of supporting incident investigations. When a discussion is reported of violating Clubhouse's rules, the audio of the associated room will be reviewed by the staff. In the absence of a report, the room's recording is automatically deleted when the session ends.

What do you mean by club on the app?

Clubs are communities of users who regularly converse on the app to discuss a shared interest. There are many different clubs pertaining to a wide variety of topics.

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