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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people have downloaded the clubhouse app?

Clubhouse key statistics 1 Clubhouse has over six million users, most of which were added between January and February 2021 ( Vajresh Balaji) 2 Over ten million people have downloaded the app (AppFigures) 3 Clubhouse has been valued at $1 billion in a recent $100 million funding round (CNBC) More items...

Do you need an iPhone to use clubhouse?

The audio-chat social network, which works like a live podcasting app, has seen a huge surge in growth since December, adding two million new users. This is even more impressive as people can only access Clubhouse through an invite from a member, and they need an iPhone.

Is there a way to delete your clubhouse account?

While Clubhouse users currently don’t have an option to manually deactivate their own account and delete their data, there is an option, but it does require a little legwork. To delete an account, users will need to directly contact Clubhouse and request that the service manually removes their account and data.

Is the clubhouse app going to be monetized?

Which means the platform currently isn’t monetized. However, Clubhouse is currently rolling out a creator-focused monetization feature called “Payments”. This model allows users to directly support creators on Clubhouse that they follow. Source: Clubhouse Blog Post. Does Clubhouse have an Android app?

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