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Frequently Asked Questions

How bad are CNN's ratings?

CNN as a network is down more than Reliable as a show: between January and May, the channel dropped 66% in total viewers and 73% in the demo, according to Nielsen data. Over that same time period, data shows a 53% drop in Stelter’s overall viewership, and a 63% drop in the valuable demographic of viewers age 25-54.

What are CNN's ratings currently?

CNN had its lowest-rated week of 2021 last week for both total day and primetime viewers across the board. For the week of March 15, CNN had just over 1.1 million average viewers during primetime and 269,000 in the key demo; for total day, the cable news network had 755,000 total viewers and 180,000 in the key demo.

Is CNN a real news?

CNN has real news and it has editorial shows. Just like Fox News. The real news shows for both channels may present a left or right-wing preference, but the news is accurate and real. The problem is the editorial shows are opinion and they tend to operate in their own echo chambers.

Are CNN ratings dropping?

All of the cable news networks saw year-over-year ratings decline for the second quarter of 2021, but CNN's 57-percent drop was the biggest prime time loss among the cable news networks. Fox News declined by 42 percent, and MSNBC dropped by 37 percent ...

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