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Frequently Asked Questions

How does coach digital work as a teacher?

As a teacher, you have digital access to our best-selling book series for multiple grade levels at your school. Throughout the course of your school’s subscription to Coach Digital, our team is available to offer support and care for you and your students. It is our goal to help you implement this incredible program into your classrooms with ease.

How to contact Triumph Learning about coach digital?

Triumph Learning Customer Service: 800-338-6519, [email protected] Getting Started on Coach Digital -Teachers 3 | P a g e I. Creating Classes Teachers and administrators can create classes once student and teacher accounts are created on Coach Digital.

Where do I Find my Favorites on coach digital?

Tools and Glossaries (5) You are able to favorite any of the above materials by selecting the star symbol to the left of each title a. Your favorites will appear under the “Favorites” tab at the top of the page Getting Started on Coach Digital -Teachers 8 | P a g e (6) You can also search for material by standard a.

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