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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times to email a coach?

Email a Coach 2-3 Times When First Sending Emails. When you are first sending your emails to coaches send 2-3 emails over 7-10 days. Try following this pattern: Day 1 - Email, complete the recruit questionnaire (if available) and follow up with a phone call.

Can a coach reply to an email?

Email and text messaging both fall under the rules regarding use of electronic communication. Generally, most coaches will not reply. A few may send an email stating what the rules are regarding contact (see previous July 1/Sept1 comments) and invite you to fill out online questionnaire. That said, keep sending emails updating your summer.

Can You coach via email?

For very thorny issues which may be difficult to explain in detail verbally, email coaching can actually be very effective. You then get to take your time wording things exactly how you want to, writing and re-writing the email to explain your situation as perfectly as possible. You don't really get this 're-work' effect verbally.

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