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Frequently Asked Questions

Are authentic coach bags made in China?

Most Coach bags are made in China. Much of the recent Bleecker pebbled men's wallets, Bleecker card holders, and portfolio cases were made in India, while Bleecker weekenders and business totes were made in China.

Does coach use real leather?

Coach, established in 1941 in New York City, is a company that produces and retails luxury leather products. Using a variety of high-quality leathers and some other fabrics , Coach is most known for its collection of handbags. Coach also produces shoes, jewelry, fragrances, wallets, outerwear and purse accessories.

What country are coach purses and handbags made?

Coach handbags are ASSEMBLED in China. This means that they are only stitched together in the factory in China. The leather comes from the UNITED STATES and ITALY! By United States law, the handbags have to be marked "Made in China" because the product is finalized there.

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