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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the coach house an all age venue?

The Coach House is an all ages dinner venue with a wide range of genre including: Classic Rock, Blues, Comed…… If you need to step out do they allow reentry? The show I went to did not allow reentry. Is it an all age venue?

What kind of motorhome is a coach house?

Class B and Class B-Plus Luxury Motorhomes Engineered to industry-leading standards in performance, convenience and design, Coach House redefines the luxury touring motorhome lifestyle.

How much does it cost to eat at coach house?

The seating is interesting because they have benches for dining and it gives you a nice place to sit down and sit down your drink or to eat your food. If you want good seating for a great band then go ahead and make a dinner reservation. You only have to spend $15 which is a couple drinks. So the food quality isn't that critical.

Where is the coach house in Black Mountain NC?

Coach House Seafood & Steak. ($$) See 5 Reviews. Select a Rating! View Menu. 508 W State St. Black Mountain, NC 28711 (Map & Directions) Phone: (828) 645-4596.

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