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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of motorhome is coach house Platinum?

The Coach House Platinum, Platinum II, and Platinum III models are downsized Class C motorhomes- also known as Class B-Plus which provide plenty of room on the inside without feeling over-sized on the road.

Is the Arriva coach house a good RV?

LOVE the ARRIVA!!! Great people here. We bought our new RV and they made it a wonderful experience. Engineered to industry-leading standards in performance, convenience and design, Coach House redefines the luxury touring motorhome lifestyle.

What can you do with a coach house?

Whether you’re on the journey of a lifetime through the Rockies with your better half, a day trip to the zoo with your grand-kids, or tailgating with your fun-loving friends, the reliable Coach House family of models gets you there and back comfortably, safely and in style.

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