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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Desert X Open in Coachella Valley?

Presented by DESERT X 2021 WILL OPEN TO THE PUBLIC ON FEBRUARY 6 – APRIL 11, 2021 AT SITES ACROSS THE CALIFORNIA DESERT. Desert X is a site-specific, contemporary art exhibition that is held in the Coachella Valley in Southern California.

Are there power outages in the Coachella Valley?

Lee was up against Ezequiel Victor Fernandez in the […] H undreds of locals in the far eastern Coachella Valley woke up to a dangerous scene. Dozens of downed power poles with lines dangling near homes, widespread power outages, road closures, and whole rooftops gone.

Can you go maskless in the Coachella Valley?

Local school districts have to abide by state guidelines and mask up indoors, but some private schools in the Coachella Valley allow parents to sign a waiver and allow students to go maskless, that may soon change after reports […]

Who is the Marine from Coachella Valley injured?

A Coachella Valley Marine is recovering in Washington D.C. after suffering major injuries from a terror attack at the Kabul Airport in Afghanistan. Salvador Lule is one of the eighteen U.S. service members who was injured on Thursday, August 26, outside of Kabul’s airport when a pair of suicide bombings happened.

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