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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for employment in Coachella Valley?

To use EdJoin, access the Internet and, from your web browser, go to From this web site, you can review job postings, create an EdJoin profile, and submit and follow-up on employment applications.

What kind of job can you get in Coachella?

The ability to walk substantial distances outdoors, including bending, stooping, and similar physically demanding movements required to obtain meter reads. Medical office receptionist for busy ophthalmic practice.

How to contact Coachella Valley Unified School District?

If an applicant reviews the procedures in this document and still needs EdJoin assistance, please call the EdJoin Helpdesk (800-398-9580). For questions specific to a particular job posting please call CVUSD at 760-848-1086.

How does Coachella Valley Water District support employees?

The district’s salaries and benefits are highly competitive. The district supports employee development through tuition reimbursement, certification, management development training, safety training, on-line training and apprenticeship programs.

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