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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a VW service in Coachella Valley?

Coachella Valley Volkswagen has VW Service that fits your schedule. Here's some good news for your car. Participating Volkswagen Dealers are offering VW Service Xpress. It's fast, it's convenient, and it's run by friendly people you trust.

How many stars does Coachella Valley Volkswagen have?

Coachella Valley Volkswagen accepts credit cards. How is Coachella Valley Volkswagen rated? Coachella Valley Volkswagen has 3 stars. What days are Coachella Valley Volkswagen open?

Is the Coachella Valley Volkswagen a bait car?

Appears to be a bait car to get you in the dealership. Thousands in "dealer add-ons" that they refuse to remove and sell the car for what they've advertised it for.

Is there a Volkswagen dealership in Indio CA?

Our Volkswagen car dealership is stocked with all of the newest vehicles. The chance to assist residents in the Indio area to buy the vehicle they want and deserve is what we're here for. Indio, otherwise known as the "City of Festivals," is a member of Riverside County, California, and resides in the Coachella Valley.

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