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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the Coachella Valley Water District established?

The Coachella Valley County Water District was established in 1918 under provisions of what is now known as the California Water Code. In 1979, it dropped “County” from its name and became known as the Coachella Valley Water District. All wells in the Coachella Valley at the time were privately owned and operated.

How much water does the Coachella Valley use?

In the late 1960s, with its eye on the future growth of the Coachella Valley, CVWD joined the State Water Project (SWP), as did Desert Water Agency (DWA). Combined, the 2 agencies today hold an SWP entitlement of 194,100 acre-feet per year, equal to the 3rd largest entitlement in the state.

Is the Coachella Valley aquifer in overdraft?

Consequently, the Coachella Valley groundwater basin is in overdraft; we currently pump out more from the aquifer than we percolate back in. Read the CVWD-DWA The State of the Coachella Valley Aquifer (PDF) for more information.

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