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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the hosts of coach's corner on HNIC?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Coach's Corner is a segment airing during the first intermission of the Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) television broadcast of National Hockey League games. It has been hosted by Ron MacLean and Don Cherry since 1986.

Is the coach's corner show still on CBC?

"Coach's Corner" and Hockey Night in Canada are still broadcast on CBC in a sub-licensing deal with Rogers Media, which owns Sportsnet. Cherry, a native of Kingston, Ont., joined Hockey Night in Canada in 1980 as a playoff analyst and was so popular that he was kept on as a colour commentator.

Who are the announcers on coach's corner?

Coach's Corner Genre Sports commentary Presented by Don Cherry (1982–2019) Dave Hodge (1982– ... Country of origin Canada No. of seasons 38 9 more rows ...

What did Don Cherry say on coach's corner?

Cherry said in another "Coach's Corner" segment. On Christmas Eve 2007, HNIC tension was high between MacLean and Cherry, who were going back and forth over Chris Simon and a 25-game suspension he received in December.

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