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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the serial numbers for coachmen RVs?

Between 1981 and the acquisition of Coachmen RV assets by Forest River, Inc., units manufactured and sold by Coachmen Industries have serial numbers with 17 digits and the 1st 3 digits will be either 1TC or 1TJ. Why could my Chassis be a different year than my RV? This is a very common question within the RV industry, not just Coachmen.

Can a coachman supply furniture for an RV?

Note: While Coachmen can supply many parts for units not in current production, items such as Decor (upholstery, curtains, floor coverings, and furniture) and certain cabinetry items are "run type" or "lot" items and typically are not available long after the model year's production cycle.

When does a coachman change the model year?

When Coachmen completes the vehicle, we assign a model year and a Coachmen serial number to the coach portion. The RV industry and chassis manufacturer model years change at different times.

Is there roadside assistance on a Coachmen RV?

RVing is easier with Roadside Assistance included for the first year on most new motorized and towable Coachmen RVs*. This service provides you with 24/7 coverage for the following services: *See your dealer for details.

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