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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you become a coach in Team Fortress 2?

A player can volunteer to become a "coach" through the use of the megaphone icon in the main menu. "Students" may place requests for a coach through the whistle icon. After a matching process and authorization by both players, the coach is automatically connected to the student's server.

Why are coaches counted as spectators in TF2?

Coaches are counted as Spectators (and therefore as the RED team) when calculating the announcer speech for when control points are captured, thus a coach for a member of the BLU team will still hear "Our control point is being captured" when the BLU team starts to capture a RED control point.

How do you get a coach in Minecraft?

In order to receive coaching (that is, in order to be a student), a player must select the 'Request Coaching' whistle icon from the main menu while in a game. The player will be asked to confirm that they would like coaching and then asked to choose a coach.

How is the distance shown on the coach's Hud?

The distance is displayed on the coach's HUD. Whenever the student respawns, the coach's view is reset to the third-person camera. The view for the student is the same as for normal play except that the student can see the beacons mentioned above, and there is a small overlay in the top-right of the screen.

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