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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create coat of arms?

How to Create Your Own Coat of Arms Method 1 of 4: Designing Your Shield Download Article. Begin by choosing the shape of the shield. ... Method 2 of 4: Embellishing the Shield Download Article. Select the charges for your shield. ... Method 3 of 4: Choosing Your Accessories Download Article. ... Method 4 of 4: Putting on the Finishing Touches Download Article. ...

How do you find coat of arms?

One way to find out about a family coat of arms is to use a website that specializes in researching heraldry. This was a system developed as a way of identifying armored knights and others on the battlefield and later became an easy way of displaying a certain familial connection.

What are the symbols on coat of arms?

Many coats of arms have symbols known as marks of cadency. These symbols are used to indicate different branches within one family. These marks represent the order of sons being born. The first born son is represented with a label. A crescent marks the second son and a mullet the third.

What does black mean in coat of arms?

Red represents military strength, blue stands for truth and loyalty and green represents hope, joy and loyalty in love. Other colors used are black, which stands for grief, purple represents majesty and orange is a color of worthy ambition. The colors used on a coat of arms each represent some time of virtue.

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