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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the coat of arms symbolize?

Symbols that are found within the shield of a coat of arms will signify the relationship to the original grantee, or father. They are known as differences of marks of cadency. These can help you identify a particular branch of a family tree.

Why is it called coat of arms?

In the Middle Ages the metal armour of the knights and noblemen had to be protected from the heat , so the metal armour was covered by a padded linen coat called a surcoat. The charges of armorial devices were embodied on these surcoats, hence the name 'coat of arms'.

What is the significance of coat of arms?

Coat of arms. Coat of arms, the principal part of a system of hereditary symbols dating back to early medieval Europe, used primarily to establish identity in battle. Arms evolved to denote family descent, adoption, alliance, property ownership, and, eventually, profession.

What does it mean to have coat of arms?

A coat of arms or armorial bearings (often just arms for short), in European tradition, is a design belonging to a particular person (or group of people) and used by them in a wide variety of ways.

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