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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Venezuela's coat of arms stand for?

He Shield of Venezuela, officially called the Coat of Arms of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is one of the main patriotic symbols that represent that country, in conjunction with the national anthem and the national flag. The shield is a visual emblem of the state of greatest official importance both nationally and internationally.

What does Venezuela's flag symbolize?

The current flag of Venezuela was officially adopted on April 20, 1836. The flag is modeled after the one used by the liberation leader, Francisco de Maranda. Blue represents independence from Spain, red symbolizes courage and the centered stars are symbolic of the seven provinces that supported the revolution. The coat of arms is placed upper left.

What is Venezuela's motto?

Dios y Federación (English: God and Federation) is considered the traditional state motto of Venezuela. It was first used as the rallying cry of the rebel forces during the Federal War, and it was subsequently incorporated into the country's coat of arms after the conflict ended in 1863.

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