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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of coaxing?

coax 1. (kōks) v. coaxed, coax·ing, coax·es. 1. To persuade or try to persuade by pleading or flattery; cajole. 2. To obtain by persistent persuasion: coaxed the secret out of the child.

What does coxing mean?

1 : a sailor who has charge of a ship's boat and its crew and who usually steers. 2 : a steersman of a racing shell who usually directs the rowers. coxswain. verb. coxswained; coxswaining; coxswains.

What is the definition of coax?

The definition of coax means to try to get someone or something to do something with gentle urging. Using compliments to talk a friend into taking a dance class with you is an example of to coax. Unclogging a drain with a plunger is an example of to coax.

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