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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cobalt used to make?

Although cobalt is used in electroplating to give objects an attractive surface that resists oxidation, it is more widely used to form alloys. Alnico, an alloy consisting of aluminum, nickel and cobalt is used to make powerful permanent magnets.

What are the benefits of cobalt?

Uses and Benefits of Cobalt. Aids in normal growth and appetite, pancreas. The only known function of cobalt is as a constituent of vitamin B12. In this capacity, cobalt aids in the formation of normal red blood cells, maintenance of nerve tissue, and normal formation of cells.

What is cobalt used for?

Cobalt metal is sometimes used in electroplating because of its attractive appearance, hardness and resistance to corrosion. Cobalt salts have been used for centuries to produce brilliant blue colours in paint, porcelain, glass, pottery and enamels.

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