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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the uses of cobalt's radioactive isotopes?

Uses of radioactive isotopes in medicine Iodine-131 treatment. A radioactive isotope of iodine-131 uses in external radiation therapy for the treatment and diagnosis of thyroid gland disorders in the human body. Uses of cobalt-60. The radioactive cobalt-60 isotope is an example of a gamma emitter with definite wavelengths. ... Uses of sodium 24. ... Phosphorus-32 Used in blood cancer. ...

Is cobalt-60 a radioactive element?

The commonly used sources of radiation are cobalt-60, a radioactive element emitting γ-rays, or an accelerator producing a beam of electrons. Cobalt-60 is produced by neutron bombardment of stable cobalt in a nuclear reactor.

What is Cobalt 60 radiation therapy?

Radioisotope Brief: Cobalt-60 (Co-60) Co-60 is used medically for radiation therapy as implants and as an external source of radiation exposure. It is used industrially in leveling gauges and to x-ray welding seams and other structural elements to detect flaws. Co-60 also is used for food irradiation, a sterilization process.

What type of radiation is Cobalt 60?

Gamma rays are emitted from radioactive forms of the element cobalt (Cobalt 60) or of the element cesium (Cesium 137). Gamma radiation is used routinely to sterilize medical, dental, and household products and is also used for the radiation treatment of cancer.

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