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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the updated cochlear report?

Cochlear releases an updated report on an annual basis. In addition to our standard report, in 2019 Cochlear was the first to comply with an industry-driven partnership that developed reporting guidelines compliant with ANSI/AAMI standards. As a result, our reporting has further increased in transparency to focus on three key areas.

How did the cochlear implant market perform in FY20?

Cochlear had a strong start to FY20 with cochlear implants delivering a 13% increase in unit  growth in the first half.  The launch of the Cochlear™ Nucleus® Profile™ Plus Series cochlear  implant was well‐received, driving share gains in many markets.  The impact of COVID‐19 

What is the impact of covid‐19 on cochlear's net profit?

The impact of COVID‐19 on profitability was significant with underlying net profit declining by 42% to $153.8 million.  After  factoring in patent litigation expenses and innovation fund gains, Cochlear recorded a net loss of $238.3 million for FY20.

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