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Frequently Asked Questions

What is vulnerability/resistance in DND 5e?

In today’s post, DnD 5e Damage Resistance Explained, we’ll discuss the vulnerability/resistance system in DnD 5e. It’s a fairly simple system, the place you’ll see it most is if you’re a DM. You’ll see many creatures have resistance or vulnerability to certain damage types.

What is Monster resistance 5e?

Monster Resistance Totals in 5e April 7th, 2021, by Scott Turnbull Taking down monsters in 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons is arguably what you will spend the most time doing in game. Defeating a creature isn’t just a matter of damage, as many monsters will also have Weaknesses (W), Resistances (R), or Immunities (I).

How do you come across resistance in DND 5e?

In DnD 5e there are plenty of ways to come across resistance in the game. Generally, it comes from a character’s race or from magic, sometimes the class as well, at least where player characters are concerned.

What does resistant to cold damage mean?

Resistance means that the creature/character that has resistance to a specific damage type takes half damage from that specific damage type. So if a creature was resistant to cold damage, and took 20 cold damage from a spell (or any other source of cold damage) the creature would actually only take 10 cold damage.

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